Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dogs in Space

After reading the book "Dogs in Space" by Nancy Coffelt, 2nd grade students used oil pastels to create these imaginative and lively pictures of their own "Dogs in Space".  What fun!!

Kindergarten Heart Paintings

Kindergarten students brainstormed what they thought of when they saw a picture of a heart.  Students listed things like love, Valentines Day, family, and candy.  One student even said "My mom and dad hug me and my heart grows bigger".... How sweet!!  Then we looked at the work of Picasso and discussed how artists expressed their feelings by using color in their work- children looked at Picasso's blue period and rose period.  Children were given a palette of warm colors, plus white, and mixed tints to paint giant heart designs.  The results were as varied and lovely as their artists!!  Thanks to for the inspiration.

5th grade Light and Shadow paintings

Students looked at the dramatic shadows in the artwork of Goya. We discussed light sources, highlights an shadows. Then kids began painting with black, white and shades of gray to create their own shaded paintings. Check back for finished results soon! Thanks to " dali's moustache" for the great idea!!